A new Year a new start


So Jami and I have been living in an apartment without internet, so needless to say I have not been the best about blogging. The great new is that our new apartment in Ogden has internet included so maybe I will start to be better about it. So to kick it off here are a few highlights from the past two years

Starting in 2015 my parents came home and J started walking

June 2015

Chillin after our 1 year birthday 2015


Children museum in Aug 2015

sept 2015

It wasn’t me

sept 23 2015

First Haircut Sept 2015


Bear Lake on Labor Day

Oct 2015

Toothless in Oct

Dec 2015

1st Snowman Nov 2015


Best Christmas gifts ever, had to hold them on the way home

Highlights from 2016

Feb 2016


March 2016


May 2016

May, This is the Place

July 2016

Helping Grandma LeeAnn move after Grandpa Doug passes, July


Rent a puppy in June


Wanna be like Daddy

sept 2016

Mom decides to run in the morning, Sept

Oct 2016

Happy Halloween

Nov 2016


Dec 2016

Baby L was the best Christmas surprise

Dec 2016 (2)


8 lbs and 22 in of Joy

WP_20161214_00_47_42_ProHighlights from 2017

Jan 2017 (2)

1st Bath for baby L

jan 2017

Feb 2017

6 week Smile

march 2017

Her sleepy grin was my favorite

April 2017

Happy Easter

April 2017 1

Colored Eggs

May 2017


June 2017

J’s Birthday

Summer 2017

I went to Girls camp and made these awesome ruby slippers for our Wizard of Oz theme


All we want for Christmas is his two front teeth


So Christmas eve guess who cut his first tooth…. and then cut another one on New Years eve…..Baby J that’s who! At first I was like that wasn’t to bad but recently Baby J has started throwing fits which are not so fun, so I may have eaten my own words regarding teething. I was lucky enough to be put on call Chirstmas eve and then a co-worker asked if I could switch my shift with her on New Years eve, So I was really lucky to be able to spend my holidays with my family. We invited the Havens family to come up and had a blast celebrating the birth of our Savior. The holiday was filled with carols, food, gifts, first good snow storm and games. I feel like Jami spoiled me with pretty pots and pans AND a  bed frame! All I got him was a coat that is questionable in the sleeve length. I was upset because Baby J’s gift didn’t come until this week but look how happy he is about cloth diapers! We’ll see if mom and dad are just as big of fans


My holiday felt a little lacking because we didn’t see as much of my family and didn’t do as many of my family traditions, or  it could probably just be because my parents are out of the country. Boy, do I miss them. But Jami humored me and took me snow shoeing, here is Baby J’s first snowshoeing excursion, as you can tell he is not so sure about the cold.



Before the hike


After the hike

I tried to get some photos of J loving the Christmas tree but he was not a fan of the tree, like none-at-all, if we put him to close he would cry and squirm away with a Bah-Hum-Bug.


I even tried to win him over with some ornaments


In the end he gave me a smile, but I have decided I need a real camera if I am going to get the shots I see and drool over on the internet


I forgot to take my talent in for the Robertson Talent portion of an fhe I did with my sisters in the valley; so here they are. I made the stocking and the star to go on top of our tree (it was really hard trying to find one I liked and finally made one out of desperation, I really don’t like angels as toppers for some reason)WIN_20141220_162516



Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to All!!!


Here comes halloween, halloween….


For Halloween we got to go see my sisters new house in Ephraim, (we may have been green with jealousy). Jami was the “Man in the yellow hat”, baby J was Curious George, and I was the PaperBag Princess. Although it was small group compared to previous years the fun was huge. Giant leaf piles, games, bubbling rootbeer out of a pumpkin, yummy food, and more.

DSCN4259 DSCN4267 DSCN4261 DSCN4255

I wanted to take a picture of J in a giant pumpkin and am so glad I did, he will be too one day I’m sure….

DSCN4232   DSCN4247 DSCN4242 DSCN4236

Blessing day


Baby J was blessed on the first week in October, (what a wait I know). We  were blessed to have most of our family make it! We are ever so grateful for all those that participated and brought food. Someone said he looked like a “dapper chap” but I was pleased with his outfit overall; especially as I looked all over the valley for something to go with the bow tie I made him from left overs from my wedding dress.





Thanks to my sister Jill who was kind enough to take some photos for me


Can you guess what he was for Halloween?

a walking petri dish


So I have decided to share about my breast feeding experience, it has been a long journey. My first tearful experience trying to nurse,  a day after delivery, was the beginning of many. It was just so painful and poor baby J continued to cry. They evaluated his suck and discovered his lip would suck in so he looked like a grandpa with no teeth, numbing on things. They (the nurses) said I needed to get my finger in between my nipple and him and flick out his lips. Easier said then done, since my finger is about a third of this mouth. I was given a nipple shield as well because I was apparently flat. Well around the same time we went down to Monticello I got my first breast infection, the same time I was trying to wean off the shield and things were difficult as it was, well that was the first of many.  The last infection was a double wammy because I also had a vaginal infection, (I thought I was just getting recurring yeast infections, because of the antibiotics, not so) so I was on two antibiotics, from which I had a reaction to and broke out in hives. So after almost giving up on breast feeding several times. My experience breast feeding has included two trips to an Instacare, two visits to doctors, one called in doctor consultation, and two nursing lactation consultations within the first four months if breast feeding. I thought I would share what I have learned

-Breast feeding is HARD

-Do not judge those that give up, there is no shame in formula feeding, pump feeding or a mixture of everything

-Sometimes the professionals don’t know anything

-It’s okay to give your baby a bottle every now and then while breast feeding, it is not the end

-Pumping can be just as hard, long and painful

-The sooner you get help the better, don’t just suffer through it

-You are not alone in struggling to breastfeed, it is hard for lots of mothers

-Sometimes it is better NOT to look things up on-line, sometimes it makes it worse

-Cracked nipples, breast yeast infections, and mastitis are all painful

-Sometimes the professionals can’t tell the difference between cracked nipples, breast yeast infection and mastitis

-If you have more then one vaginal yeast infection in a row, ask your doctor to swab and test you

-Yeast is a natural thing to have on your body, just like bacteria is on and in you, yeast is there too. Yeast becomes a problem when it does not have bacteria to balance it , so it grows out of control or in areas it shouldn’t, it is called an “opportune infection”, so don’t try to rid your body of it. Those websites that tell you to sterilize everything, every time, so that your a basket case trying to keep everything clean, don’t believe them.

-Sometimes breast infections is just a series of bad luck, sometimes it is not something you can control or prevent, so get help and then don’t stress about breastfeeding, because it is not worth it

I have come full circle after 5 months of breast feeding and while sometimes I still have to “grit my teeth and just get through it” I can know enjoy the experience and bonding that feeding my baby has brought. I am grateful for all the support and love I have been given through it all and am so glad Jami is my husband because he helped me do whatever it was I needed.

the much talked about Monticello


Jami’s grandparents live in Monticello, at family gatherings they all talk about trips going to Monticello. Fishing in Monticello is a favorite memory of Jami’s. Monticello holds a lot of memories for the Havens family, and so even though baby J was only a few weeks old and Jami was hesitant to take a new baby and recent momma on a long road trip, when I heard the family reunion was happening there I was determined to go….


I wish I had some photo’s of LeeAnn, she put  baby J’s blanket over her hat to keep him out of the sun, it was pretty fun to see

DSCN4218 DSCN4217 DSCN4216 DSCN4215 DSCN4214

Baby J slept through most of the fishing