Summer Bang!


So we are finally settling down here in Hyde Park. We have everything unpacked and stored things. If only I could figure out how to finish decorating.

We both finally have a job, Jami’s first job was for a landscaping company and after being hired and not hearing from his in employer for to two weeks of lack of any response Jami got another job. He really like his current job, he works for a restoration company, and does minor home construction. He really likes it and the people he works with. He has been working really late hours and traveling to Wyoming and other places. He has been really tired with it all but is happy and really enjoys it.

My job is working with children and adults that have disabilities and have been in the foster care system. There has been a lot of training for it, and I still don’t fully understand everything, so it’s a little frustrating, especially since it’s only on call right now, but they said I would get more hours in the fall when school started. So I will wait and see.

On the 18th we celebrated Jami’s and kind of mine Birthday. I planned an awesome meal and went to pick raspberries for a cobbler that night and got bit by a wasp (I swelled up for a few days, oh the sacrifice of deliciousness for the one you love). Then later that night we went and saw Brave, it was nice to go out, we don’t get to go to the movies very often.

Then we were really busy with tow family reunions back to back. The Closner (my mom’s side) was first it was in Burley Idaho along the Snake River. The camp ground was nice and it was so fun to see most of the family especially the ones I don’t get to see very often.  Jami was a little overwhelmed with all the new family, trying to remember all the names of the people he met in the dark.  The only downer was the swarm of massive Mayflies there were thousand and thousand and you could breathe through your mouth or you would swallow at least ten, but after the first couple of days they weren’t so bad. It was really fun playing the water with family.

That Saturday we left the Closner reunion to go the Johnson (Jami’s mother) Reunion at Garden city near Bear Lake. It was Fun to meet more of Jami’s family and to get to know Jami’s Grandparent better (they just got back from Thailand). Excitingly both Jami and I got up on a wakeboard.

We were both really tired after our week of fun and happy to come home, but the fun wasn’t to be over yet. Beth and I had planned a picnic tea party and had fun seeing our siblings all dressed up. We had a delightful brunch and played some games.


About The Havens

hey guys, this is Jami and Tawnya. Married in may, 2011, we wanted a way to keep everyone up to date, so here we are! The Havens' Family Blog and stuff. keeping you up to date, informed, and occasionally sending random rants your way.

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  1. This program is giving me a hard time about leaving a comment. I just wanted you to know I read your post and love the fact that I knew everything already. Love it! I guess now that you live closer and I don’t need your blog now to know what’s going on in your life! Happiness! Love you!

  2. Busy summers are always great! Glad Jami got a real job he enjoys (as opposed to the pretend job that never talked to him after saying he was hired…)

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