All we want for Christmas is his two front teeth


So Christmas eve guess who cut his first tooth…. and then cut another one on New Years eve…..Baby J that’s who! At first I was like that wasn’t to bad but recently Baby J has started throwing fits which are not so fun, so I may have eaten my own words regarding teething. I was lucky enough to be put on call Chirstmas eve and then a co-worker asked if I could switch my shift with her on New Years eve, So I was really lucky to be able to spend my holidays with my family. We invited the Havens family to come up and had a blast celebrating the birth of our Savior. The holiday was filled with carols, food, gifts, first good snow storm and games. I feel like Jami spoiled me with pretty pots and pans AND a  bed frame! All I got him was a coat that is questionable in the sleeve length. I was upset because Baby J’s gift didn’t come until this week but look how happy he is about cloth diapers! We’ll see if mom and dad are just as big of fans


My holiday felt a little lacking because we didn’t see as much of my family and didn’t do as many of my family traditions, or  it could probably just be because my parents are out of the country. Boy, do I miss them. But Jami humored me and took me snow shoeing, here is Baby J’s first snowshoeing excursion, as you can tell he is not so sure about the cold.



Before the hike


After the hike

I tried to get some photos of J loving the Christmas tree but he was not a fan of the tree, like none-at-all, if we put him to close he would cry and squirm away with a Bah-Hum-Bug.


I even tried to win him over with some ornaments


In the end he gave me a smile, but I have decided I need a real camera if I am going to get the shots I see and drool over on the internet


I forgot to take my talent in for the Robertson Talent portion of an fhe I did with my sisters in the valley; so here they are. I made the stocking and the star to go on top of our tree (it was really hard trying to find one I liked and finally made one out of desperation, I really don’t like angels as toppers for some reason)WIN_20141220_162516



Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to All!!!



About The Havens

hey guys, this is Jami and Tawnya. Married in may, 2011, we wanted a way to keep everyone up to date, so here we are! The Havens' Family Blog and stuff. keeping you up to date, informed, and occasionally sending random rants your way.

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  1. awesome post! I can’t believe you went snow shoeing and didn’t even invite us, I’ll bet you had fun! Even if the babe didn’t!

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